Chemigon supports industry leading technologies such as Water-Injection-Technology, Laser Welding, Chemical Foaming and Plasma Treatment. All of these engineering solutions enable you to work on your priorities like reducing weight, improving cycle time, realizing complex designs and reducing production cost.

Water Injection Technology

Water Injection Technology: For each application the most appropriated water injection technology –
This it is what PME offers to its customers.

            the robust complete solution
            the innovative modular WIT system for 1 -2 servo pump units
            [combined modules]
            the hydraulic power unit as a modular WIT system
            [4 -16 hydraulic functions]
            the water tank for the recycling & return of the process water
            [no costs for process water]
            the innovative modular WIT system for 1 -4 servo pump units
            the combined module: with hydraulic power unit [modular WIT system of 4 -16 injectors]
            with integrated water tank [recycling & return of the process water – no
            costs for process water.

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With increasing use of plastics in automotive, electrical, medical and industrial markets, precise, fast, flexible and clean joining technique of the highest quality standard is required. Laser welding is one method of joining plastic parts that offers a precise weld with a precise energy input, lower thermal delay, high weld strengths and welding of three-dimensional geometries in a single process step. With more and more miniaturization of components and their increasingly complex geometries, a high quality weld seam can be achieved by a relative easy laser welding process as compared to conventional joining techniques.

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Chemical Foaming

Foaming of thermoplastic polymers is used to achieve weight reduction and simultaneously keep the mechanical properties of the polymer on a high level. Many thermoplastic materials can be used for foaming and specifically the Akro-Plastic carbon-fiber ICF product line is very suitable for this technology. You find a perfect combination of maximum weight saving with the best-possible preservation of mechanical properties exhibited by technical plastics, such as maintaining rigidity, good strength, acceptable surface and a balanced microcellular foam structure.

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Plasma Treatment

Together with plastic compound manufacturer AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, Plasmatreat has developed a process for hybrid injection-molded components which significantly improves bond adhesion and can be integrated into mass production lines. The atmospheric PlasmaPlus® coating Plasma-SealTight® lies at the heart of this development. This coating facilitates the formation of a covalently bonded joint between the two materials to create a very strong, media-tight hybrid compound.

The Plasma-SealTight® process is designed as an automated inline solution for continuous production systems which can be fully integrated into the injection molding line. All process components within the overall concept (plasma polymer layer, plastic recipe, process parameters) are precisely matched to ensure that the process is reliable and reproducible even at high production capacities.

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