Chemigon brings technical additive support to polymer compounding applications including non-halogenated flame retardants, heat stabilization, flow modification, nucleation, chain extension, compatibilization, and impact modification.  Additionally, our available products include specialty resins that can assist with wire and cable design requirements.

Heat Stabilizers

Brüggolen® H
Copper salt, phenolic and amine based heat stabilizers for use in polyamides

Process stabilizers are available for use in polyamides and polyesters. They are used efficiently under high processing temperatures and shear stress conditions while offering stability against hydrolysis

UV Stabilizers

Brüggolen® L
UV stabilizers for efficient protection against aging by light and heat for PA, ABS, PP, POM, PET, PBT etc.

Release & Nucleating Agents

Brüggolen® P
Well balanced lubricant packages as combination of internal and external lubricants especially for polyamides and polyesters.

Highly efficient nucleation agents for polyamides and polyesters to reduce cycle time, improve dimensional stability and mechanical properties.

Viscosity Modifiers

Brüggolen® M
Viscosity modifiers (chain extension and chain scission) as well as plasticizers for Polyamides.

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Impact Modifiers & Coupling Agents

Compoline® CO/LL – CO/UL
Coupling agents and compatibilizers in polyolefin compounds

Compoline® CO/LA
Adhesion promoters and tie-layers

Compoline® CO/PA
Impact modifiers

Compoline® CO/PP
Maleic Anhdydride grafted polypropylene

Impart Flexibilty and high impact resistance to otherwise brittle plastics (PA, PA/ABS, PBT, PET)

Antimony-Free  High Speed Lasermarking

BUDIT® L Series
Budenheim has developed a range of laser-sensitive ingredients that enables advanced high-contrast laser marking for a wide range of thermoplastics.

Eco-Friendly Foaming

BUDIT® F Series
The need for energy efficiency is driving the trend towards lightweight plastics. Foaming of plastics saves weight and offers additional benefits

Halogen-Free Flame Retardents For Polyolefins

BUDIT® 6 Series
BUDIT® halogen-free solutions have neither toxic nor corrosive emissions in the case of fire.

Halogen-Free Flame Retardents For PA/PBT

BUDIT® 3 Series
Budenheim is specialized and experienced in the production of halogen-free flame retardants for a wide range of applications in polymers.