Find engineering compounds for injection molding from Akro-Plastic, and polyamide 6 resin of varying viscosity for compounding and film extrusion from Azoty Group. Also, you can discover complete systems for nylon casting such as activators, catalysts, and stabilizers from Brueggemann.


Akro-Plastic is a specialist for innovative and application-oriented plastic compounds. The company is part of the K.D. Feddersen Group and globally active with manufacturing sites in South America, Asia and Europe.

PA 6.10 compounds

PA 66, PA 6, PA 6/66

Akromid® T

PPA compounds

Akromid® RM

Specialty blends based on PA/ABS and PA/PBT

Akromid® Lite

Low density grades based on PA/PP


Partially aromatic nylon compounds


PEEK and Polyketone compounds


Polypropylene compounds

PU Coating Systems

Self-healing, self-demolding, high gloss coating systems for plastics over-molding. 


Clear, UV resistant Polyol formulations  


Clear, aliphatic Isocyanate (HDI)


Polyamide 6 neat resin at various viscosity levels from 2.4 up to 4.0, suitable for compounding and extrusion.


Cast polyamide, made by anionic polymerization of AP-NYLON® Caprolactam, combines outstanding material properties with exceptionally low inherent stresses in the product. Cast polyamide products, whether in the form of semi-finished stock or complex castings, can be made very cost-efficient by all known casting processes, i.e., vertical casting, centrifugal casting or rotocasting.

Brüggolen® C

Additives comprising catalysts and activators which have been developed for the production of high-grade cast polyamides by anionic polymerization.

AP-NYLON® Caprolactam

Utilized as raw material for anionic polymerization to polyamide 6 as the moisture content compared to standard caprolactam is drastically reduced.


An elastomer-modified AP-NYLON®, or P6 block copolymer, noted for its exceptionally high shape stability. Both semi-finished stock and complex parts are obtained by reaction injection molding (RIM), rotocasting or vacuum infusion.

Bio Polymers

Bio-Fed, a business unit of Akro-Plastic manufactures biodegradable and bio based plastics.


Versatile compostable resins used to manufacture films and designed for biodegradable bags where industrial composting is an end-of-life option.


Semi crystalline polyester grades, with excellent processing performance on conventional injection molding machines.